Monthly Archives: June 2012

Should news values change with the times?

Vigorous, but not vicious. Interesting, but not sensational. Fearless, but fair. They were core values for The Detroit News — in 1916. Are they appropriate standards for the 21st century? I recently came across a style book, dated the year before The News moved into its present building, that gave a detailed explanation of the […]

An untimely flat-lining of digital ad revenue

While print advertising has seen a precipitous fall (see previous post), perhaps the news of most immediate concern is that online revenue growth slowed to a near standstill in the first quarter of 2012, according to new numbers from the National Newspaper Association. Online ad revenue for newspapers went up just 1% in the first quarter, the fifth straight quarterly slowdown […]

The print advertising collapse and the opportunity that remains

The recent publication of Mary Meeker’s graphic showing how much money advertisers spent on print compared to how little time readers spent there sparked discussion and debate throughout the industry. It’s “the one chart that should scare the hell out of print media,” declared. The implication, countered in part by Derek Thompson of The Atlantic, is that dollars now spent on print may soon […]