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Gary Miles

‘News Inscriptions’ is inspired by the words of Fred Newton Scott atop The Detroit News building, built in 1916-17. This blog, written by News Managing Editor Gary Miles, discusses journalism strategies in an era of digital transformation. Gary has spent more than 30 years in newspaper and television reporting, editing and management. ‘News Inscriptions’ represents his views and not those of The News. You can reach Gary at gmiles@detnews.com or on Twitter @garymiles_dn.


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  1. smkpuck · · Reply

    More than 32 years?! OMG! That makes me … well, we won’t go there. Glad to see you, and the News, writing this blog, Gary. I’ll read it daily. But what took you so long? I can remember urging my friend Gerry Green to get his column online back in the ’90s because he audience was national, but not Detroit or even Michigan. Same with another long-time friend, Lynn Henning. I spent a decade in Michigan, but I’ve lived most of my life outside the state. I’m as big a Red Wings and Tigers fan as anyone in state. The Detroit News travels farther and meets a larger audience online, not in print. Yes, the challenge remains monetizing the news and information you pay staff to provide. But it’s basic to journalism: Who is your audience and where are they? The Huffington Post and the Daily Beast never had to worry about geography when they got started. You need to free the Detroit News, too. This blog is yet another step for the News “during a digital transformation.”

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