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The Post’s post-Mitt mess

The digital era prompts increasingly difficult questions about when to post enterprise stories, or non-breaking news stories, on newspaper websites. Consider the Mitt Romney mini-fiasco for the Washington Post. On Wednesday, President Obama endorsed gay marriage. Post editors therefore decided to delay running the exhaustive  profile documenting Romney’s pranks at Cranbrook School, which includes the revelation that he forcibly cut the hair of a boy who later came out […]

Milwaukee's finest

A growing threat: Competition from the source

If the web has ushered in an era of transparency, the Milwaukee Police Department would have you believe it is taking full advantage. The result is an example of one of the biggest, fastest-growing and least-discussed threats to traditional newsrooms and their digital transformations. Those who used to be news sources are increasingly creating their own ‘news’ websites. “The Source,” a Milwaukee police website launched […]